About Us

What makes Mallard Ice Cream so marvelous?

Every day people tell us we make the best ice cream they’ve ever tasted. We think it’s because we make it right here in our shop, in salt and ice churns five gallons at a time. Over an hour of human time goes into each batch. We taste as we go and adjust at every step to get the best out of the ingredients. We believe intensity of flavor makes the very best ice cream, so we use a touch of organic cane sugar, a high butter fat mix, and generous portions of high-quality, real food ingredients.

Mallard is also renowned for being a great place to work. We embrace the idea of work having more meaning than just a job. We respect one another and our customers. We understand the power of positive relationships, and that what we do affects others. We give back to our community (see the FAQ for how to request donations), not only in donations but in ideas, alternative models of business and by aiming to create positive change.

Fresh, by hand, with love. 

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