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Mallard Fresh Made Ice Cream

What is happening next door?

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Brewing tea

World Spice Merchants has been inspiring Mallard for over 20 years…

…and yes that is longer than we’ve been in business.   From Ben Scholtz, Mallard Ice Cream, owner. In 1995 Grunge was in fashion, dot-coms were growing, I was working at the Seattle...
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Mallard Ice Cream featured flavor

Local collaboration

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Mallard owner Ben Scholtz speaks to Global ARC: Video

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Dance of the Mallard: Video

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History: If it weren’t for basketball…

Interview with Benjamin Scholtz, Owner Q: You are somewhat famous locally for having a unique approach to business. How did you get started with Mallard? Ben: I grew up in Bellingham, and after...
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We start with simply the idea of community.

To begin to explain Mallard philosophy, we start with simply the idea of community.  This is such an encompassing word and it has so many meanings.  We begin with our personal community and move to...
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