Mallard tasting!

We wanted to let all you Mallard fans know we have an ice cream tasting at Ciao Thyme Catering coming up on Wednesday June 2nd at 6:30pm.  Our special tasting includes lots of ice cream and a presentation by Mallard owner Ben Scholtz.  If you interested in attending please call Jess at 360-927-4890.


I am encouraging anyone who thinks that this combination sounds intriguing to go ahead and get a whole scoop. I am sitting down here in Ballard kicking myself because i went with the more conservative choice of White Russian. I tried the Apricot (etc) flavor but just couldn't quite imagine eating a whole scoop at the time.  Well, I've had several weeks to ponder this lack of imagination and I'm a little disappointed with my otherwise adventurous self. I should have just gone for it!  Now, I'm left with this strange feeling that I missed out on an amazing sensual experience. The main problem is that I have no way of knowing if it will still be there when I can get back up to Bham (or Briga-ham, as i like to call it) so I may always wonder what a whole scoop could have done for my soul.   :)

Kitchen Notes 01/12/10

So with the Mallard website up and running, the ice cream makers have been encouraged to share some notes and thoughts on life in the Mallard kitchen.  We'll be posting often with information on what goes into making ice cream, new flavors we are particularly excited about, music we bump to help the ice cream churn, quality ingredients, directions for bribing us into making your personal favorite and other things we find interesting and special about Mallard.  We hope you enjoy reading this blog, please feel free to post a comment or question; we love feedback.
-Dazzle Jenkins

Kitchen Notes 01/14/10

As most (but not all) of our customers already know, all our ice cream is made on site in the kitchen behind our serving area.  If you look, you can see a bit of the kitchen through the porthole.   We each take a lot of pride in the ice cream, and all strive to make it as good as it can possibly be.  We use real food ingredients in all our ice creams and sorbets.  Not only do we strictly avoid artificial flavorings, of the over 500 flavors we make, only two use any flavorings at all:  Root Beer and Licorice.  In general, we won't make an ice cream unless we can get the flavor from real food, which has prevented us from making "Blue Bubble Gum" or "Rainbow Sprinkle",  a sacrifice we are willing to live with.

Our base of our ice cream is a custard, which in ice-cream speak means egg yolks are an ingredient as well as milk and cream...

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