Ice Cream


Our ice cream is created from as many fresh, local, and organic ingredients as possible because that’s what tastes good and trust us, you’ll taste the difference.

We hand process all of our local produce so we have control over quality and freshness, then we blend the ingredients together with our ice cream base mix. The base mix is made for us by Lochmead Dairy in Oregon, it contains cream, milk, eggs, sun-dried cane juice, guar gum and carreegaan. The last two are natural ingredients used to keep everything stable.

Once blended together we churn our ice cream using the ice and salt method. The salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice and by slow churning the ice cream we create a very smooth texture by freezing the cream and making small ice crystals.

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We pride ourselves on using the best product we can from our hand chopped Belgium chocolate chunks to our locally roasted coffee, brewed into each batch of espresso ice cream. We use real food and no food coloring in everything we make.

We hope you enjoy our ice cream as much as we enjoy making it.